The Venerable Servant of God


   The Venerable Servant of God Antonio Rosmini was born at Rovereto in the Archdioceseof Trent on 24 March 1797. He was ordained priest in 1821 and in 1828 founded the Institute of Charity the aim of professing spiritual, intellectual and temporal charity. Subsequently he set up the Congregation of the Rosminian Sisters of Providence. He wisely guided these works. He devote himself to the sacred ministry with devotion and fruitfully, especially as a master of the spiritual life, a thinker and writer on philosophy, theology and other disciplines, encountering agreement and dissent, which he accepted patiently and serenely, remaining always faithful to Catholic doctrine and the Magisterium of the Church. He died most piously on 1 July 1855, surrounded by the veneration of his spiritual sons and daughters.

   The Sovereign Pontiff Benedict XVI on 26 June 2006 declared that the Servant of God exercised the theological, cardinal and associated virtues to a heroic degree.

   In view of his beatification the Postulator of the Cause has submitted the presumed miraculous cure of Sister Ludovica Noč of the Congregation of the Rosminian Sisters of Providence to the judgement of this Congregation of the Causes of the Saints. This religious enjoyed good health up to 1908 when she was stricken by intense pains in her vertebral column, by a swelling in her right leg and by sciatica. Being admitted the hospital of Biella she was diagnosed as having bony tuberculosis of the pelvis. At the same time, vertebral abscesses appeared on the back which were lanced and treated. Amidst periods of well being and sickness we reach 1926. In that year the conditions of Sister Ludovica began continually to get worse, tuberculosis of the bone, and secondary intestinal and pleural pulmonary problemsshowed up gravely affecting her general state, her appetite disappeared, there was continual fever and intolerable stomach pains. The total ineffectiveness of treatment and the by now advanced state of the sickness led the doctor looking after her to express an unfavourable prognosis that she would not survive. The sick woman, however, did not lose hope and on the 1st of January 1927 began a novena of prayer to the Servant of God, Antonio Rosmini, with the aim of obtaining from God a cure through his intercession. With great trust on the morning of the 6 January 1927, at 11 o’clock, while praying she put an image of the Servant of God which had just been given to her by the Superior General of her Congregation on the diseased part. She suddenly felt cured and after an hour could get out of bed and walk independently. The symptoms which had tormented her for so many years had completely disappeared because of which the Sister soon took up again the ordinary tasks of community life.

   Regarding the cure, which was immediately held to be miraculous and certified by the Curia of Novara, an Ordinary Process was carried out in 1927 and a Diocesan Investigation in 2004, recognised as juridically valid with a decree of 28 January 2005.The Medical Council of the Dicastry in its session of 12 October 2006, declared that the cure of the tuberculosis of the bone, the pleuro-pulmonary and intestinal disease was instantaneous, complete, enduring and inexplicable from the medical point of view. On 19 December following, the Particular Congress of the Consulting Theologians was held and on the 6 March of this year 2007 the Ordinary Session of the fathers Cardinals and Bishops, took place the Ponens of the Cause being His Excellency Monsignor Salvatore Fischella, Titular Bishop of Voghenza.

Joseph Cardinal Saraiva Martins

Michael di Ruberto
Titular Archbishop of Biccari