The Cure which happened on 6 January 1927

An extraordinary healing occurred at Borgomanero on 6 January 1927. Sister Ludovica Noč had been diagnosed with tubercolosis of the bones from 1908. From then on, her life continually alternated between serious illness and relatively peaceful periods. From the end of 1917 she contracted intestinal tubercolosis with ulcers, and her illness got to such a stage that she was given Extreme unction and the Blessing in articulo mortis. Nevertheless, she recovered bit by bit, and, after 1921, had a fairly good period which lasted about four years without the customary pains located in the spinal cord. In this state she could do some work.

The Presumed Miraculous Cure of Sister Lodovica Noč : Her Witness.

‘In January 1926, I became aware of a troublesome and persistent fever, which did not yield to my attempts to make light of it or disregard it, nor was it possible to conceal it from my good Sisters. They noticed the obvious state I was in and went with me to the Mother House, to the doctor. They hoped to collect me in a week. It didn’t enter their minds that the Lord had arranged differently (…)

In October, other abscesses developed within the same bone, leading to intestinal troubles and swelling. I was obliged to lie immobile in bed, hoping for some relief from the good God.

In November, the doctor found an intestinal blockage, produced by the infection of internal abscesses.

At the end of December, the fever, the pain and swelling got worse. The doctor first said that it was a peritoneal matter. This was followed by the diagnosis of a specific form of peritonitis. Every day made movement, eating and breathing more difficult, with the result that I desired to die rather than to continue in this state…

On 1 January, towards 11 o’clock, I received a visit from Carissima Madre (Mother General), who left on my bed two holy pictures of our beloved Father, sent to her by Father General.

It is impossible for me to express in words what I experienced at that time. I kissed them several times and pressed one of them to my stomach with the firm conviction that I would obtain, through that contact, prompt and immediate relief. To doubt appeared to me to be wrong: Father prays with me, I thought, and he will have pity on his suffering daughter, — and I burst into tears.

Meanwhile mealtime had come: Because I had been swollen for ten days and movement was impossible I would willing have given up eating entirely, all the more because the continual nausea made me dislike eating and drinking. Nevertheless, I wanted to make another effort. I asked for two spoonfuls of ordinary soup, which I forced myself to swallow. Note, I was lying down and immobile.

Having finished, I began again to give vent to my feelings with my beloved Father, more with tears than with words… “Oh! Good Father!”… I said trustingly to him, “your life was all charity… have compassion also on me!… My Father, look at the state I’m in!… O good Father, pray also for me!… then fingering my rosary beads I repeated: Venerated Father Founder make me fulfil the Lord’s will!”

I noticed that my companion in the room had stopped eating and was looking at me with sympathy. In order to distract her and to get her to continue eating I wished to make a joke: -“Hey…would you like to see me jump out of bed?” I said to her with a sudden laugh: and at that instant, feeling myself impelled to do it, I really did jump down. The poor old sister begged me not to endanger myself. Instead I got dressed and twirled round the room, not believing the marvel myself, while my companion also looked at me incredulously and made me jump up and down, bending and straightening up, to assure her that it was not an imprudent joke nor an illusion.

The favour was granted, and, while the clock was striking 12, I was out in the corridor testing my strength.

I will never forget that fortunate instant.

The Venerated Father Founder was truly a compassionate and charitable Father to me. He took all the illness away, leaving me free to sing the goodness of the Lord!

From the Life of Antonio Rosmini, Sodalitas, 1961.